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At Birthright, we understand the challenges related to unplanned pregnancies. We know that it can be an overwhelming and often scary situation. However, we also know that there is hope for the mother and her child. Birthright believes that “It is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth, and the right of every child to be born.” Birthright is here to be the friend that a pregnant woman needs as she navigates an unplanned pregnancy. Birthright is available to women for as long as they need us. We offer love, friendship, and support to women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant. Birthright services are always free, non-judgmental and confidential. We can also provide information, referrals, and resources to help the woman help herself. Birthright is unique, and available 24/7 through our toll-free helpline. Birthright is not involved in any religious movements, political activities, or lobbying. Birthright’s focus is on loving the mother, reminding her that there is hope and ensuring she is not alone


3,287 babies died yesterday.

What can you do?

Alison’s Choice

Much of the pro-life movement focuses on the important task of changing laws. Others in the pro-life community emphasize communicating information, hoping to change minds. But there is a third approach that has enormous untapped potential -- working to change hearts. And when it comes to reaching people's hearts, movies are among the most powerful tools God has given us. Movies tell stories -- and its stories that engage us; a truth Jesus often used in telling His parables. Through well-drawn characters, emotional music, and a compelling story line, a movie can create a world that touches the human heart like no other form of communication. Alison's Choice is a feature length movie that will touch hearts and save lives by encouraging young people to choose life. Alison's Choice.com


 ~Who We Are ~ What We Do ~

"Wilmington for Life" is a group of "life minded" people who embrace the words of the Declaration of Independence, the foundational document of our country

 "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

The first God-given right to us is our own LIFE. We believe that all life begins at conception and that it is a civil and moral wrong to destroy that life, as God Himself wills it into being. For this reason, all human life is to be revered and protected. It is our particular calling to protect life at its earliest stage...that in the womb. We strive for this protection through peaceful, prayerful means, a physical presence at places that perpetuate abortion,  and through offering information concerning abortion to the public.

We acknowledge that women faced with unplanned pregnancies may need both financial and emotional support. It is our objective to direct them to places that offer that support and to help mothers and fathers recognize the humanity and unique identity of their unborn children, as well as their own God-given role and responsibility in protecting them and nurturing them throughout their lives. In addition, for those who choose abortion or are pushed into it against their will, we endeavor to communicate the great love and mercy that God has for them and stand ready to assist them in finding support for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

We consider abortion to be a moral and civil wrong that has become a world-wide plague. An estimated 42 million lives are lost due to abortion every year throughout the world. It is our mission to do all we can to stop this plague in our community through all available legal and peaceful means. Every human life is infinitely valuable in the eyes of God and therefore should be in the eyes of every human being!

As always, watch for the upcoming news on our Fall Vigil at Planned Parenthood.

I Used to Be Pro-Choice, Pro-Choice to the Core, Then I Had an Abortion

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From that moment, my life has never been the same. I instantly realized that I lost something very special to me, my child. I instantly knew that I never wished this pain upon anyone.

I’ll never forget the moment that I realized I was pregnant. I had morning sickness and deep down I knew it wasn’t just a hangover. The positive pregnancy test was just confirmation of my terrifying reality. My college applications were submitted, and I was anxiously awaiting acceptance letters. I worked incredibly hard in community college to get into my dream school, and a positive pregnancy test seemed to rob me of my efforts. The youth director at my church recently gave birth to her first child. When she found out that she was pregnant, she said, “Being a mother is a dream come true. It was everything that I wanted in life, but when I found out that I was pregnant, I’ve never been more scared in my life.” I felt that same fear when I discovered that I was pregnant, but being a single mother wasn’t anything close to my dreams. My fear blinded me from considering other options, but I never knew that this option of getting an abortion would bring so much pain.

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Every morning, the faithfulness of the sun touches our eyelids. Unfortunately, the faithfulness of the alarm clock also reaches our ears. We slowly rise from the pillow, sneak out from under the sheets, and begin the tasks for that day. For most people, there is a passion that gives us the encouragement to live each day. It might be a job, a child, a spouse, a religion..

My passion is being pro-life. It drives and it motivates me. I find joy in being the voice for the unborn every day, even if it’s just in the smallest ways. There was a time in my life when you couldn’t have paid me a million dollars to truthfully and passionately say the statement above. I used to be pro-choice. Pro-choice to my very core and then everything changed…

I had an abortion.

Volunteers Needed

Fall Campaign Begins on September 24th

"How can I help?" you ask...

Thanks for asking!  We need prayer warriors of all kinds, of all ages, from all stages of life.  You are all a very valuable and vital part of saving the lives of the unborn.  When the community sees us out there praying in front of an abortion chamber, it sends a message of hope and truth.  It gives those going in to Planned Parenthood the opportunity to rethink what they are really doing, and to choose life.  It also gives those working inside the opportunity to see that we are praying for them as well.  We love them just as much as the babies and we must be praying for them to come to the truth.

Commit an hour a day

Leave home an hour early and come to Planned Parenthood and pray.  Go there after work and pray.  Bring your family there and pray.  Give up an hour or two of television, and spend that time praying instead.  Go there on the weekends even if they are not open and pray.  God will bless your efforts!

Adopt a day

Gather your prayer group, your homeschool group, your cooking club, your sports team, men's club, card club, boy/girl scouts, youth group, swim team, bowling team, friends, neighbors, or anyone else you can think of.  Take this opportunity to organize a few people and cover an entire  2 or 4 hour period.  This is a great way to unite the body of Christ while saving the lives of the unborn.  Can you imagine the stories you will be able to tell on at your prayer group this year?  At the end of the 40 Days you will be able to tell stories of little hearts that are still beating simply because someone was out on the street, peacefully praying and offering hope and healing to the lost.  It doesn't get any better than that!

Become a shift leader!

Shift leaders commit to be on site 4 hours per week. Shift leaders also help to recruit people, insuring that their shift is covered in prayer. Shift leaders will be provided with a 40 Days for Life shirt (while supplies last), so if you are interested in being a shift leader, please contact us as soon as possible here.

Adopt a day of the week for the entire 40 days

There are hundreds of churches in the Wilmington area, filled with people who believe abortion is wrong and that we should be speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  This is our opportunity to step up to the plate, to organize and stand as one voice throughout the Wilmington area, to stand as one voice for those who have no voice, the unborn.  Gather a group of your fellow pro-lifers, pick a day of the week, and cover that day each week for the entire 40 days.  "Nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:37).

Imagine if every church in the Wilmington area organized themselves to speak up for the unborn, and fasted and prayed for the end of abortion.  Imagine if we all committed to standing on the front lines in front of Planned Parenthood praying peacefully.  If we did this, perhaps there would soon be no more abortions in Wilmington.

Confined to your home? Can't come out?

Contact us and let us know you are praying with us anyway.  This campaign is about prayer and fasting for an end to abortion so everyone can participate on the street, at home, at church, in your car, on the bus, everywhere. While we appreciate all prayers offered during this vigil, our schedule only deals with those who intend to pray on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood abortion center.

Thank you and God bless you for praying for the least of these!

40 Days for Life: Simple but powerful!

These 40 day campaigns provide a simple way to ask God to end the tragedy of abortion. We are here to peacefully, prayerfully and lawfully stand up for the unborn who cannot stand up for themselves. We are hear to speak truth to the mothers who are going in to make a life changing decision. We want them to know the truth about the baby that is within their womb. We want them to know the truth about the consequences of their decision and we want to offer them better, loving choices.

We are here to offer hope to those who think there is no hope. We are here to tell the women going in for an abortion that there are other options. We are here to tell them that there are many people who want to help them with housing, food, maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby formula, etc. We can put them in touch with Rachel's Vineyard, Birthright, and A Door of hope help centers, where they can receive the help they need, and allow their baby to live.

Won't you consider becoming a prayer warrior, the life you help save could be the next pro-life advocate that finally puts an end to abortion forever. Click here to join our prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood

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Praying To End Abortion

The answer to a crisis pregnancy

     is to eliminate the Crisis,

        Not the Child.

Praying for the Unborn

Wilmington for Life

Fall Campaign

September 24th ~ November 2nd

by Star Tucker | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 7/21/14 10:21 AM